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This blog site is a chance to practice my writing and to share my passion for human evolution and archaeology with you all. I aim to discuss all things Homo erectus as well as general paleoanthropology that strikes my fancy. I also have an interest in Primatology, Homo sapiens life history, the evolution of human foodways, and cultural anthropology. I am just getting started on this idea of writing more casually (versus my academic work) so who knows where this might lead. Any ideas for a catchy blog name?


My name is Kinsey and I hold an MSc (Merit) in Paleoanthropology from (and am currently a PhD Paleoanthropology candidate at) the University of Sheffield. I received my BA in Anthropology & Archaeology from the University of South Africa. My current research focuses on Homo erectus life history using extant and extinct primate species life history data to explore what regression analysis can tell us about Homo erectus life history, especially in light of many smaller brained/smaller bodied specimens that have been more recently recovered.

I have a background in field archaeology and attended archaeological field school with the University of Alaska, as well as hands-on training as a volunteer with various US Forest Service archaeology offices (if you live in the States, I highly recommend contacting PIT or your local USFS archaeologist to enquire about volunteer opportunities if you’re finishing a degree in Archaeology and looking for some experience and a chance to work with some really knowledgable folks). My current research passion finds me with my head in a laptop/book, but I really dearly love and miss field work.

Watch this space.





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